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FAQ TC - Top Class Tryout Rulebook

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Jan 27, 2019
What is TC - Top Class?
TC is short for 'Top Class'
The Top Class are building the Alliance of the Best Cwalkers around the world.
The member of this group have shown their loyality by representing
& through activity by sharing their own Cwalk business.
These choosen ones are ready to go their own way of dancing and living.

You can get this rank by posting a TC - Top Class Tryout here: THREAD

Top Class Tryout Video Conditions
1. You have to go for 50 Posts to get your TC-Tryout started
2. The total time of cwalking must be a minimum of 1:00 minute
3. Record your videos outside of your livingroom & in fullbody perspective
4. Keep a simple editing (only your dancing skills will be voted and not your editing qualification)
5. The video title, description & intro looks like "Name - TC-Tryout #10 | #CWALKCONNECTION.com"
6. Upload your video on www.YouTube.com

Voting System
1. Start and post a new Topic in the Top Class Tryout Section (use the layout above)
2. There's no description needed unless you like to add something personal but this won't play a fact in judging
3. Take a seat and keep waiting for 2 weeks after posting your tryout for the community
4. The result will be revealed, so what!?
4.a. You Did It! (y) = Congratulations, you'll gain Limited Access
4.b. You ain't (n) = Don't be disappointed.. Try it again 2 weeks after the release of the Result

The Judges
Each member of the Administrator, Moderator, The Connection & Top Class groups are allowed
to give a counting vote for these tryouts due their experiences & knowledgement of Cwalk.

Top Class Limited Access
1. You'll accede to our Hall of Fame of the #CWALKCONNECTION.com
2. The name becomes gold to stand out from the crowd
3. Your rank title will be changed into Top Class
4. Automatically added to our Staff
5. New access to hidden sections (only for Top Class)
6. Unleashed video materials (training stuff, prereleases, etc.)
7. Insight into projects, plannings and discussions
8. A privileg to taking part in official #CWALKCONNECTION.com mixtapes/videos
9. A pole position in Tournaments (only a limited number of seats)
10. A lot of Fun with Family, Friends and the Cwalk
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