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CWC Shop System and Currency

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Jan 27, 2019
Hey Ya.
I am ready to introduce to you our virtual currency system.
You can earn it and spend some privileges on the forum to stand out from all.

1. CW$ 150 for a successful Registration
2. CW$ 3 for posting a Message
3. CW$ 5 for creating a new Topic

(More opportunities to get the currency I will write later..)

Then in our virtual store you can spend what you earned for example
for a colored nickname, or for placing videos right in your profile.
To view possible products click on THIS link or in the navigation click on the STORE
At the moment there are a few products, but we are working hard and trying to implement a lot.
Continue to follow the news, just in this thread.
You can write your suggestions about the store and offer the product that you would like to see