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CWC Official Trailer 2018 - All Nations

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Jan 27, 2019

This work was made by @sbtheprince in coorparation with the leaders of The #CwalkConnection.
We want to collect and connect every nation because we are walking with friends and the family around the world.

These countries are already in:

Germany | laphStarz - Tenthclassic [TC]
Brazil | Vasco Roverall - Roverallgang [R]
Russia | Anika313 - El Coco
Czech | Mo0rek
Vietnam | NT Walkaz - CocaineHipHop
Thailand | JayWiz - Jone500 & TheZooThailand
Kanada | Viet Jr. - Toronto Clown Walkers [TCW]
Finnland | Lizzi

More informations are coming soon, so stay tuned and keep our Game alive with your passion!
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