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Mother of Apples


Mother of Apples
Jan 31, 2019

About the Artist:

Hugo TSR is a French rapper from Paris and a member of the group TSR Crew.
He released his first solo album La Bombe H in 2005 and has released a total of five solo albums.
Very little is known about Hugo TSR as he is an independent rapper not signed to any major labels.
Despite having little social media presence or promotion, Hugo TSR has achieved great success for an underground rapper.
He is often praised for the quality and flow of his rapping as well as his lyrical ability.
His most recent album Tant qu'on est là reached number 11 in France.
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2005 - La Bombe H
2008 - Flaque de samples
2009 - La Salle d'Attente
2012 - Fenêtre sur rue
2017 - Tant qu'on est là


My Opinion:

I do not speak French either I understand it really well, but I feel his tracks and
I love the vibe he builds up with his tracks. I recommend to check his youtube
channel, I'm listening to his music for some years and I love it. I've also started to learn French
because of his music, its hard, but I am getting better. :D

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