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C-Walk World Championship

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I'm, with other people, organizing the first world tournament of C-Walk.
There'll be 4 classificatories. The world championship will be only for the Top 16 Cwalkers of the world.
Top 3 from South America
Top 3 from Europe
Top 3 from Asia
Top 3 from North America
+ Top 4 International: from the preselection (before the tournament beggins)

The top 3 from each continent won't have to do a preselection, they pass straight to the battles. That's one advantege they'll got. Also they all will got a place to stay and food per 5 days in Santiago. The top 1 of each continent will get one flight trip to the world tournament.

We don't count with clasifications in Oceania and Africa because there ain't Cwalk activity now on days. Callout to the Sidney Cwalkers, I hope to see some of them in the european clasification or in the world tournament preselection

- South America: Crush The Floor | South America 2019 + INFO THERE

Club hípico 343 - Santiago, Chile
👉 Participantes: 5.000
👉 Publico: 2.000

👞 Judges:
- Tayne | ESPAÑA
- MarianStyle | ARGENTINA
- CasG' | CHILE

🏆 Premios 🏆

1er Puesto:
- Polera Crush The Floor
- Pilcha de ImprovisaPilchas
- Certificado
- Sesión fotográfica
- Promoción en todas nuestras redes
- Clasifica al Top 16 mundial

2do Puesto:
- Polera Crush The Floor
- Pilcha de ImprovisaPilchas
- Certificado
- Clasifica al Top 16 mundial

3er Puesto:
- Polera Crush The Floor
- Certificado
- Clasifica al Top 16 mundial

También hay torneo sudamericano de Shuffle y torneo internacional OpenStyles.



- Europe: Crush The Floor | Europe 2019 + INFO THERE

the banner says March, but it's in April.

Madrid, Spain. (Soon I'll add the adress from the club)
👉 Participants: 10 €
👉 Public: Free

👞 Judges:
- Neker | SPAIN
- Spash | PERU
- Zemik | SPAIN
- MarianStyle | ARGENTINA

🏆 Prizes 🏆

1st place:
- Classifies to the world tournament
- Flight to the Santiago, Chile.
- 2 T-Shirts
- Promotion in every C-Walk page.

2nd place:
- Classifies to the world tournament
- 2 T-Shirts

3rd place:
- Classifies to the world tournament
- 1 T-Shirt

There'll be an OpenStyles competition too, where everybody can participate.



The North American and the Asian classificatories ain't announced yet.
The World Tournament will be in September.



For those who travel to Spain, some days before our tournament, in Barcelona there'll be 2 international dance events!
One of Shuffle (tournament + workshops), here is the info

http://instagr.am/p/Bs_SHTxhZnS/ Dates: 23 and 24

And the other of Electro Dance and AllStyles (go and represent the C-Walk there), here is some info:
http://instagr.am/p/Bs3oxe0F5ey/ Dates: 29, 30 and 31
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