CWC - 1st Tournament in 2019 | ANNOUNCEMENT + INFORMATION |

CWC 1st Tournament in 2019 | ANNOUNCEMENT + INFORMATION

  • We introduce our first official Tournament of
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Jan 28, 2019
Germany / Berlin
Hello Cwalk Connection, the day has come NOW!
I want to open the 1st official Tournament in 2019 and we have prepared alot..

CWC - Judges Cover 600.png
What does this mean?
  • YOU got the chance to challenge and battle around the world with other Cwalkers
  • the greatest Cwalkers ever will comment YOUR videos
  • you will have alot of fun and find new friends
  • last but not least you will enter a completely new era of Cwalk
If you are interested - don't miss the chance and read ALL DETAILS for PARTICIPATION down below..

Of course you are allowed to post your questions into this topic.
More topics and tournament related stuff will be released during the tournament.. stay tuned!

So far I wish all of you alot of fun and we will see

Let's get the cwalk on !

What is the Tournaments Name?
Who will be the Judges/Voters?
  1. Anika from Poland/Russia
  2. Vasco from Brasil
  3. JayWiz from Thailand
  4. MarianStyle from Argentina
  5. Camacho from Canada (Toronto)
  6. Appsta from Germany
  7. SBthePrince from Germany
  8. Laph from Germany
When does the Tournament Start/End (Registration) and when do I have to hand-in my video?
Register Start: 11.02.19 / 11th February 2019 (The Comeback | QUALIFICATION BRACKET)
Register Stop: 24.03.19 / 24th March 2019
Registration Topic: CWC - Tournament 2019 | REGISTRATION - CHECK IN

START - QUALIFICATION - 1. Round of 32 Member
1. April (Monday) = Hand-In Videos
1. April (Monday) = Voting Start
7. April (Sunday) = Voting End

BEST OF 16 - 2. Round of 16 Member
14. April (Sunday) = Hand-In Videos
15. April (Monday) = Voting Start
21. April (Sunday) = Voting End

QUARTERS - 3. Round of 8 Member
28. April (Sunday) = Hand-In Videos
29. April (Monday) = Voting Start
5.May (Sunday) = Voting End

SEMI - 4. Round of 4 Member
12. May (Sunday) = Hand-In Videos
13. May (Monday) = Voting Start
19. May (Sunday) = Voting End

FINAL - 5. Round of 2 Member
26. May (Sunday) = Hand-In Videos
27. May (Monday) = Voting Start
31. May (Friday) = Voting End
What are the Rules & Restrictions?
1. Cwalk Rules:
  • You have to Cwalk a minimum of 45 seconds in row
  • (At the semifnials/finals you have to dance a minimum of 55 seconds)
  • Record your video in fullbody & good quality
  • Choose your own music
2. Video Edit Rules:
  • Both, no edit & simple edit are allowed (don't edit to much because we want to see the clear Cwalk)
  • You can use the tournament Intro for your own videos (download link: - Intro - The CwalkConnection Tournament
  • Upload your video on YouTube, Instagram or other Websites (public for everyone)
  • Title your video: 'Name' vs 'Name' | Tourament 2019
3. DisQualification Rules:
  • If you miss the official Dates/Deadlines (read: Dates to Hand-In Your Final Videos?)
  • If your video does not satisfy the Cwalk Rules (read: 1. Cwalk Rules)
  • If your video does not satisfy the Video Rules (read: 2. Video & Edit Rules)
4. Voting Rules:
  • You have to get 4 Yes to Win a Battle (exp. "vote for YourName" x 3)
  • Only the votes of certain Judges are counting for this Tournament (read: Who will be the Judges/Voters?)
  • The Judges have to explain their votes in 1 phrase or more
What is the Price for the Winner of the Tournament?
1st Place
  • Free Tournament Mixtape
  • Top Class Rank
  • Winner Money: ???,-
  • T-Shirt
2nd & 3rd Place
  • T-Shirt
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