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  1. laph

    Welcome, DiviX

    Haha anyway you are very welcome man!!!
  2. laph

    Welcome, Yoshi

    Nice to hear that :) and ye i totally feel. Time is rare but the passion never dies ! I hope you will make a video for the cwalkconnection too :)
  3. laph

    Welcome, Vasco RoveraLL

    Welcome @Vasco RoveraLL broo
  4. laph

    Welcome, Yoshi

    Hey @Yoshi nice to see you around here :) How are you doing?
  5. laph

    Sickfav3 x Gee

    Yea a cool one but lets watch a new one :)
  6. laph

    Appsta - Là Haut

    I really enjoyed watching this
  7. laph

    Welcome, DottzBrown

    yooo dottz brown my man! how are you doing? feel free to post your cwalk videos with the cmomunity :)
  8. laph

    Welcome, Ana Beatriz

    welcome @Ana Beatriz to the #cwalkconnection! Please ask any question and we are going to help as fast as possible :) How long have you been cwalking or new to it?
  9. laph

    CWC Top 32 | The Comeback | Qualification

    Top 32 | The Comeback | Qualifikation The Comeback | Tournament 2019 (read the Original Tournament Topic here). The Qualification starts with 32 Member on the 1st April 2019 (more then 32 participants could be possible). Register Start: 11.02.19 / 11th February 2019 Register...
  10. laph

    Welcome, DiviX

    welcome @DiviX to the! Somehow i remember your name.. are you from germany too?
  11. laph

    CWC Tournament Intro Video + Download Link

    thanks for creating this topic !
  12. laph

    Welcome, aiNt.

    Welcome @aiNt. thanks that you find the way back again :) We hope you wil stay active some how.. How are you doing so far?
  13. laph


    Ist ja auch besser wenn die Cwalk Topics gefüllt werden und nicht der Off-Topic Bereich haha @Appsta
  14. laph

    Welcome, Banny

    welcome @Banny Read all section and share your content with the #CwalkConnection. Have a lot of fun too!
  15. laph

    laphStarz - Bleed It

    Track by Blueface :) Watcha think?
  16. laph


    bisher noch nicht XD
  17. laph

    Welcome, sAdi

    Welcome @sAdi i remember your name kind of Welcome to the forum and bring the fire back!
  18. laph

    Welcome, Vicious

    Yeaaa lets see what fire is in the tournament. Maybe you will find a way into the game
  19. laph

    CWC Follow the | Social Media Acc

    Thanks bro! nice to hear that! We will keep more effort to it
  20. laph

    Welcome, Ryeez

    @Ryeez for sure man we will do so :)