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  1. MS Rusty 2019

    Laph: Yep, my last video, made after a looong time without practice I just danced how I felt at that moment, kinda rushed, I said to Axel: put a song, any song, let's go! lol Yes, I did Chelo: Mal jajaja Sure, I'll get my walk back 💪
  2. C-Walk World Championship

    I'm, with other people, organizing the first world tournament of C-Walk. There'll be 4 classificatories. The world championship will be only for the Top 16 Cwalkers of the world. How? Top 3 from South America Top 3 from Europe Top 3 from Asia Top 3 from North America + Top 4 International: from...
  3. MS Rusty 2019

    back at it.
  4. Welcome, MarianStyle

    Thx brothers :) -- I'm Mariano aka MarianStyle from Argentina, I've became a dancer in 2008, I practiced 8 dance styles and I like to learn some stuff from other styles out of those too. Currently I just practice 4 styles, C-Walk, Electro Dance, Shuffle and Tutting. + I do freestyle with...